Friday, February 26, 2010

What I'm About

Hi. My name is Darren Menendez and I'm a pop culture junkie. I'm obsessed with anything related to music, movies, and junk. I use the word junk in a loving way as most of pop culture(celeb worship, trends,fads, etc) is wonderfully trashy or tacky. The reason my blog is named Pop Culture Snobbery is because in it I will be discussing what I find interesting, not necessarily what is cool or hip at the moment. Most of the blogs will focus on bands I love, weird clothing, whacked out records and other items I find on my thrift store hunts. Movies will also be discussed, but they'll probably be really bad (think MST3K type stuff) rather than what's number one at the box office.
With the preface I've given you, I'm sure most have given up on me by now, but that's cool, fan bases aren't built with one blog. If you know me, you know that I'm a fountain of useless knowledge and if you don't know me you'll soon learn by reading, just what it is I'm all about. Thanks for reading my intro and prepare yourself for my first series of writings about music entitled Sophmore Success.

Enjoy or don't.

darren menendez


  1. what about the new Kick-Ass movie that is coming out--and is using "red banner" viral ads? It is about an 11 year with a big potty mouth.

  2. Well Kick Ass is based on a comic book series/graphic novel. I always thought of it as comedic take/spoof on The Watchmen (an amazing movie/graphic novel). I will go see it. It's not about an 11 year old with a big potty mouth. Although I can see maybe why you would think that. Much like South Park, children talk a lot worse than their parents would want them to. As far as viral ads I think it's genius. The entertainment industry ceos/presidents are still living in the age of the dinosaurs and need to change to keep up.